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I can offer a variety of classes, private, group and corporate, to suit the individual and the level required, from seated/supported gentle exercise for the older client to challenging body conditioning style workouts. Have a look at the 'classes' page for a timetable of what's happening during the week.


Pilates is a form of exercise that will lengthen, strengthen and tone the muscles whilst improving flexibility, core strength and coordination. You will learn how to use the deep postural muscles which support the joints and it will help to restore balance in the body. All classes are restricted to a maximum of 12 to ensure close supervision and more individual attention if required. Classes differ from week to week to target specific areas of weakness but also to re-educate the whole body to restore its optimum skeletal and muscular function. Equipment is sometimes used, balls, bands, weights, foam rollers to enhance and challenge the workout.
Pilates has a holistic approach and is strongly recommended by many physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors as one of the most effective and safest forms of exercise around today. Although it can be challenging, pilates is an excellent form of exercise for all ages and abilities.
Classes are run by the term (generally 6 weeks) and booked in advance to ensure a space.


This class is a perfect mix of all the best elements of pilates and yoga. The two styles work together brilliantly to get the most out of the body in a holistic,challenging, energising yet relaxing way! A fantastic way to start your week. It is a pay-as-you-go-class so just turn up and give it a try.

Fit For Life

This is a 45 minute class for the older person requiring a more gentle but cardiovascular workout. After a warm-up and stretch we get the heart rate up with routines to fun, inspiring music combining some dance style moves and low impact and intensity exercises. This is followed by a gentle strength and endurance section where small hand weights can be used for resistance if required. The whole session will work on strengthening the heart, all muscles of the body and the bones. This is a pay-as-you-go class.

Get Fit Avoid Falls (Falls Prevention)

This is a class for the older, less mobile person who may have either had a fall or is scared of falling. Loss of balance and strength are major causes of falls which then result in injury, broken bones and sometimes the inability to get back up from the floor. The classes are structured to help regain balance by strengthening the legs, improving mobility and practising balance itself. We also learn the correct and easiest way to get up and down from the floor, in case of a fall. Most of the class is exercising standing although there is always a chair in front of every participant for support if required. There is also a seated section using therabands to help increase both muscle and bone strength. Have a look at the class schedule for times and venues (please contact me if you are unable to find a class that suits your schedule as there are other instructors that I can put you in touch with).


As well as classes I can offer personal, prescriptive and private teaching in the 'Onyx Pilates Studio' (see photo gallery) 

I can also offer Swedish body massage. This can help to relieve tension and sore muscles, improve circulation and flexibility and aid stress relief and deep relaxation.

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